SMASH #3 three-week module
morning classes

Peter Pleyer
Following the movement-meditation of DEBORAH HAY:
“The tower of babble:
there is not one thought
there is not one way”
This work will focus on different possible ways to warm up a dancers body by exploring information into dancing improvisational that were researched and articulated at the end of the last century of dance history.


Maria F. Scaroni
The bodywork I propose treats the body primarily as material: energetic, physical and emotional. The nature of the training is eclectic and sources from chi cultivation techniques such as Qi Gong and Pranayama, spine and limbs patterns explorations, hands on work and improvisational elements. I device journeys-like experiences, to allow the body to surrender to a state of presence, stressing the transformational potential of bodily matter and the proximity of this idea of ever changing device with the nature of performance practice. Duration, boredom and exertion are recurring tactics, whereas architecture, tracking material and immaterial structures is insisted upon to afford a more precise readability of space.

for external participants

Every week there is the possibility for external participants to join the SMASH group for the warm up classes. To attend the classes no email registration is required, just show up on the Monday 15 min in advance to pay and register for the week (4 classes).

This is the schedule from May 5 – 23, 2014:

May 5 – 8
Peter Pleyer

May 12 - 15
Maria Francesca Scaroni

May 19 – 22
Peter Pleyer/Maria Francesca Scaroni

when: mo–thu 11:00-13:00
where: Eden Studios, Breite Straße 43, 13187 Berlin,
U2/S-Bahn Pankow

how: registration directly on Mondays
fee: 20€

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