SMASH #4 three-month program
the inside is the outside is
the inside
(on the rim of future)

Angela Schubot
Sep 01 – Sep 19, 2014

There are countless ways of existing with each other if we assume our body does not end with our skin. How can the other inspire me to enter spaces that are not occupied by a ‘you’ and an ‘I’.

We start with a training that aims to undo the habits of the body and perception, expanding its current comfort zones. By exploring and widening inner and outer spaces we will find a mutable body full of vibrations, sensations and fantasies, discovering the realities and performative potential that such a body creates. Through partnering work based on extreme physicality (breath, exhaustion, duration, full-dropping)  we will test how imagination can become real and how our reality can literally be transformed. We will look for different places from which to move and confront ourselves with the impossible task of finding a verbal language in those places to talk from… The further practice will challenge us to abandon our habit of seeing either only individuals or groups. We will create spheres where borders between the ‘You’, the ‘I’ and the ‘We’ start to blur and effortlessly shift into one another. This work searches for a freedom from a habituated, implicated self, through the creation of a new body which enables the conditions for being in a state of constant ‘becoming’. In the last week we will place our experiences in a more performative context and question how those experiences can be lived, performed and shared with and in front of the eyes of an audience. What kind of artistic settings are needed? How will being watched change our presence? Do we allow that change? Do we invite it?


Angela Schubot. Born and raised in Berlin, at the age of 15 in her deepest grunge time, Angela secretly went to ballet classes, telling nobody about it; and was fully happy there, learning nothing with a really bad teacher and not knowing that there is other forms of dancing (besides to Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Reggae and later the early Techno-Music that rose up in Berlin in that time of course.)
After almost studying Philosophy or Biochemistry she discovered contemporary dance and contact-improvisation and she felt as if a huge glass-dome was lifted, the world became big and real. She started to study dance at ‘Balance-1’ in Berlin for 3 years, (Berlin in that time had no good education to offer...) already doing her own choreographies in school and for Tanztage Berlin. In her final school performance she ripped her cruciate ligament in the knee, starting her professional career on crutches. In 2000 she met Martin Clausen and after falling in love they founded the group TWO FISH, which became famous for developing and presenting pieces in Flats. This group has produced more then 16 dance/ theatre pieces, which were and are presented across Germany and abroad. In 2012 they stopped the label. During that time Angela developed her own solo practice, starting to find translations of philosophical questions into movement material and states, finding the un-doing and listening that is still the core of her teachings. Dealing, working and researching about movement creation and the relation between the performer and his/her performed material; focusing on how to live the formulations of the body fully and not fall into traps of representations and how to develop a mutateable body that has the possibility to unfold in many ways and at the same time remain attentive to its shifting meaning.
In 2001 she started to work with Constanza Macras, who made her not only dance but sing and act. During this opening-all-the-channels-experience she also met Jared Gradinger and 2009 they started to develop pieces about the topic of de-bordering of the body, which toured successfully. The very physical work mainly offers a world beyond duality, searching for new ways of coexisting and extending beyond the limits of our skin and asking how a world would be in which individuals would stop I-ing. Besides her works and has worked with Theatercombinat Wien, pictoplasma, Rahel de Joode, Theater Thikwa a.o. Through her research Angela has been pulled into the territories of the metaphysical body, where healing meets meditation, meets a collective practice, meets channeling, meets …. In 2012 she started to work with and for Magret Sara Gudjonsdottir. Both artists share an interest for the exhausted body as the necessarily concealed- ignored- unacknowledged body. Besides her most continuous collaborative partners Martin Clausen and Jared Gradinger she is deeply influenced by the artists Rosalind Crisp, Beniot Lachambre.

Angela believes the body speaks about everything and can be anything you want. But also does not need to be used to talk about other stuff all the time. The body itself is enough and has all the answers, if we only listen.



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Angela Schubot
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