SMASH #4 three-month program
power of bioenergetics and breathwork
Krisana Locke


Bionergetic exercises are designed to help us develop an awareness of both bodily sensations and what we are feeling as we're moving. Through a varied sequence of exercises - which include music, dance, stretching, breathing, self-expression, interaction, relaxation, play and some spontaneous surprises - we put pressure on blocked areas in the body to help access body sensations and emotions. Bioenergetic exercises focus on how you feel when you're moving. It's a time to assess what is going on in your body. We need to first be present to the holding and tightening in our muscles in order to free the life force in them. As we bring more conscious awareness to our bodies, we have more access to our feelings. What we fear the most in life is pleasure. To the degree that we avoid the pain in life, we also avoid the pleasure. An attitude of permission and openness to whatever we experience is encouraged in Bioenergetic exercise classes. We don't want anyone to push themselves further than their internal wisdom guides them to go. It is not about endurance or re-wounding yourself ! The goal is to remain in contact with your body and your feelings. Self-compassion is key in doing Bioenergetic exercises.

We use the simplest, but most powerful tool we have for life: breath. Using breath energising techniques, bioenergetics and active meditation we will begin the process of recognising and removing the blocks in our physical and emotional body opening us to our aliveness. In this way a deep relaxation of who we are emerges, letting our natural intelligence lead us in the ways of living that are in accordance with our being and natural expression.


Krisana Locke, Australian, teaches workshops in a variety of body oriented techniques including Neo-Reichian Breath and Energywork, Systemic Constellation, Active Meditation, Meditative Therapies and counseling. Trained extensively in India, Australia and the U.S., she has 16 years practical experience with working with people and shares her work in India, Chile, Australia, U.S.A. and Europe. Krisana has been living and meditating in India, since the late 1980's and has explored a wide range of meditation techniques. She now lives and works in Berlin and is the co founder of Play2C/Osho Studio, where she uses Systemic Constellation techniques in a choreographic process. Through this technique she develops methods to make visible hidden entanglements and opens the possibility for their investigation. Her approach opens an understanding of space, energy and sensibilities in a sustainable way and reveals new pathways for creativity.


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