SMASH #4 three-month program
distraction as a focus
Davide Sportelli

Dis-tract means originally draw in different directions.

How can we enlarge and deepen the terrain of our action?
How to access a state of fertile permeability to a given environment? How far can we get in terms of availability towards the space we choose to inhabit?

The training I propose will proceed through guided explorations, improvisational scores, movement

Such materials are meant to be integrative tools to:
-connect to our anatomy and body systems;
-engage an open dialogue with and within the space;
-find the most immediate transition between framing, sensing, reading, moving, understanding,

Our physical, mental and emotional presence will be urged to take into account as many sources of
information as possible, articulating senses into sense, practicing distraction.


Davide Sportelli is a dance artist active in Europe and overseas. Caught in the spell of Terpsichore after studying music and acting, Davide got his dance education at the Accademia Isoladanza of the Venice Biennale. Since 2001 he has collaborated with directors such as Sasha Waltz, Caterina Sagna, Giorgio Barberio Corsetti, Carolyn Carlson, including William Forsythe in “Human Writes.
Beside performing and developing his own choreographic work, he carries out an ongoing research on creative writing, video and sound. As a movement teacher Davide has been offering his training to schools, universities and companies like Ultima Vez, Sasha Waltz & Guests, P.A.R.T.S., Chunky Move Melbourne, Korean National University of the Arts, VSMU Bratislava, Iceland Dance Company.

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