SMASH #4 three-month program
connecting to inner space - opening to outer space  
Liz Erber

We jump into class with a wide range of dynamics - moving initially towards the simple pleasure of dancing, bringing awareness and movement into the entire body, finding momentum, swing, rhythm, warmth and energy. We rediscover/ uncover for ourselves, the pleasure of moving and dancing. During the first week we will focus especially on basic movement patterns through the center of the body, finding whole-body connectedness/integration through Laban/Bartenieff principles. We will explore these basic patterns through partnering/touch, imagery (ideokenisis), explorations, and phrases. In the second week we will bring our awareness to the space we occupy, the space around and the space between. Composition will be more deeply explored in the second week. 


Liz Erber is a dance artist, performer and teacher, who has been creating original works for stage, video and site specific locations for the past decade. Liz, originally from the USA, has lived in Berlin since 2008. She teaches regularly at K77 Studio in Berlin and organizes interdisciplinary classes, workshops and performances at this location. Her most recent stage work, a multi-media play, Tip of the Iceberg, sold out at English Theatre Berlin. In August she was a featured artist/film maker for the online film festival, Dances Made to Order. In addition to the performing arts, Liz has also worked in the fields of publishing, writing and translation, and holds bachelors degrees in chemistry, dance, and theatre.


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