the modules

introductory week
Alessio Castellacci
"the synesthetic body"
Aug 17 – Aug 21, 2015

module #1 
Sonja Pregrad
"the diaries of HOW"
Aug 24 – Sep 11, 2015

module #2 
Clément Layes
"the secret life of things"
Sep 14 – Sep 25, 2015

open studio
own research week
Sep 28 – Oct 02, 2015

module #3 
Diego Agulló
"dancing the problem - the journey of theory"
Oct 05 – Oct 23, 2015

module #4 
Lisa Densem
"a way of being"
Oct 26 – Nov 13, 2015

The program starts with an introductory week facilitaded by SMASH curator Alessio Castellacci, to foster an inspiring and supportive atmosphere.

The four following modules are divided into daily morning training and afternoon modules.

The morning classes (mon-thu, 2h) are taught by different guest teachers with the purpose of providing a thorough warm up, while introducing
the students to a variety of somatic movement approaches.

The four modules (mon–fri, 4h) focus on specific issues of contemporary performance. They are led by international choreographers who share with the group their personal research, vision and methodology with the aim of creating an open environment for artistic experimentation and critical discourse.

The final week of each module functions as an integrative space where the participants are invited to push their own artistic practice by developing a performative proposal related to the module's topic. This process is facilitated and mentored by the module's teacher.

This year`s program includes an open studio week where time will be given to develop own research while working in self-organized ways.




Damir Žižić