SMASH#9 Morning Training
kundalini yoga
Anna-Luise Recke

Kundalini is a very strong tool to connect us all on our journeys as human beings walking on this earth. Realigning our body mind and soul. Supporting us in our journey of releasing and transforming blockages, bringing us back into our own centers, into our hearts, purifying our minds and strengthening our nervous systems to stay calm and focused in the middle of whatever storm is arising inside and around us.

Kundalini is a transformative practice, bringing lots of life force (prana) and abilities to heal, and to hold our own and community space. The practice contains the practice of asana (body posture), pranayama (breath work) and mantra (sound work, force of vibration, naad yoga).


Anna Luise Recke holds a diploma of contemporary dance and experience on this path for 16 years as a freelance dancer and performer collaborating with many different choreographers and companies. Kundalini yoga found her 15 years ago. It became a very strong anchor in her life as a physical and spiritual practice. She is diving deeper into healing works of different shamanic traditions with the focus on healing through sound, dance and meditation in all its different variations offered to us today. Looking very much forward to share this practice.

sat nam namaste aloha
so much love


Stephanie Kulbach
Carina Adam