SMASH#9 Morning Training
the ninja practice  
Lea Kieffer

..Imagine your inner Ninja waiting to be awakened...
The term Ninja in this case refers to a state of mind rather than a form. It’s a way to be, to place intention and to open the space to a certain frequency. It's the very art every cat masters, that apparent nonchalance hiding the readiness for the sharpest move at any time. We will use the body as a weapon, a bullet, a material that can shape-shift in an infinite range. In this warm up classes, we will navigate through self invented practices and games that triggers performativity and combine intense physicality with somatic practices and partnering work.

We will focus on traveling trough space and all levels from the floor to the sky and back. And we will craft our capacity to be elastic in our physicality but also in the way we navigate through time, space and narratives. We will connect to our wildest imagination and let it drive us in some epic dances still keeping the core of the work in the physicality of the dance. Alone and together. Trusting the body intuition, bringing body and mind in the ultimate place of presence.


Lea Kieffer is a French, Berlin based, performer, dance/clothes maker. Her work focuses on mixing craft and performance with an interest for wilderness and improvisation. As far as she can remember, she always had a taste for risky physicality, and she always felt a ninja. She likes to navigate on the edge of things and to make extremes coexist. To look at what's behind the form, in the raw intentions that constitute the architecture of things. She studied sport sciences at the University before studying dance and improvisation at TIP Freiburg, where she deepened a passion for contact improvisation. Since 3years,Together with her partner in crime Rocio Marano,they act under “Los Ninjas” identity creating performances and sharing their “ninja Practice” worldwide. She also has collaborates with different artists among which Angela Schubot, Rose Beerman, Michael Shapira, Isabelle Kirouac, Juha Marsalo, Benjamin Pohlig and Sunniva Vikor Egenes.

Tristán Pérez-Martín