3-month intensive
program of experimental
physical performance

Berlin | Aug 19 – Nov 10, 2013

- 15 participants/ 2 scholarships
- 15 teachers
- morning classes/ afternoon workshops
- mentoring
- theoretical lectures series
- practical seminars

deadline to apply: Apr 1, 2013

SMASH is a 3-month intensive program offering an immersive training in contemporary physical performance.

Its conception originates from the wish to create
a temporary, non-hierarchical educational platform to share with the participants the multifaceted scene of contemporary dance evolving in Berlin.
The program focuses on the performative body with a hands-on approach to its expanded, transformative, contradictory and imaginative states.

During the three months a range of process-based movement and composition techniques are introduced. In addition space is given for embodied use of discourse (through mentoring, group feedback/ brainstorming, creative writing and concept refinement) with the aim of questioning the notion of performance beyond personal assumptions and established modalities.

SMASH consists of four interconnected training modules, a series of lectures and three practical seminars. The modules are organized as a cohesive structure looking into the evolving meaning of physical performance today as an artistic, social and political practice. In the afternoon workshops four Berlin-based choreographers will share their current artistic practices, challenging you to develop your own method and set of tools to initiate personal work.